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I help people like you find focus, fulfillment and freedom through radical accountability.

Stephen Ladek

My Premise

My practice, this intentional community, the foundations of it all are based on a singular premise:

I believe we are at a time in history where achieving peak quality of life and personal performance outcomes is possible for, literally, everyone.

We have immense support structures, an infinite realm of possibilities for fulfilling career and purpose, connection to literally every other person on the planet, ease of travel and access, and every other factor necessary.

However, we are all faced with a daily dilemma in this pursuit:

  • One the one hand mindfulness / meditation asks us to leave the ego, disconnect from thoughts and distraction and concentration on the purity of “now.”
  • On the other hand, to “achieve” anything, we are asked to focus on a vision (indeed be obsessed with it), and accept pain and suffering to move forward.

The dichotomy above isn’t unique. We also find these same issues in essentially every other area of life as well.

My point is this: 

In the age of absolutely information accessibility and overwhelm, as you scroll through your social and news feeds (whichever you prefer) or simply Google a question… you can find whatever answer you’re looking for.

That, in my mind, is a recipe for making sure every single one of us goes crazy.

To top it off, all of this happens with the reality that nothing is truly static. We live in a constantly changing world and reality that seems to change by the second.

So, each of us need a way to make sure we’re able to move towards a place of deeper satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness.

The only questions we need to answer are:

  • What do each of us (really, actually) “want” as individuals?
  • What is stopping us from taking that next step to realizing it?

If you’ve already read enough and would like to join the conversation:

The community is free to join. There are no catches and no sales pitches (but there are a few rules I ask you to follow).

It is a place where I check in daily (No, seriously, I really do), conversations flow and “a-ha” moments happen. I’d love to see you there.

Stephen Ladek


My experience has show that dealing with the chaos and overwhelm we are all confronted with is immensely easier when we stand on solid ground, or said another way, foundations.

As mentioned earlier, I start from the premise that we already have the tools, the knowledge, the resources necessary to create these foundations.

While there are literally endless ways to divide up the “parts” of our lives, I have chosen in my practice to focus on nine areas, grouped into three themes:

Live Fit

The first theme is fitness and includes the foundations of:

  • Physical Health: Without our physical health, we have nothing. Everything deteriorates. Every experience is less (or impossible). Think about the last time you were sick – really sick. Like can’t get out of bed sick. Was anything really possible? Could you enjoy anything to its fullest? Was it possible to be truly effortless? 

  • Emotional & Mental Health: Just as your physical health is paramount, so is your mental health. I’d argue maybe even more so because your brain is your control center for everything else. Everything. And, here’s the best part: you, as a human, are in control of your brain and thoughts (and therefore your mental health). 

  • Social Health: We are social creatures. Yes, yes, yes, we all have different levels to which we want to be social, but we simply ARE a social animal. So, regardless of how MUCH interaction you personally want to have with others, the quality of these interactions and relationships are critical for 100s of reasons.

Live Fulfilled

The second theme is fulfillment and includes the foundations of:

  • Partnership (or not) & Family: We couple as humans. It’s the thing that the vast, vast majority of us have done, will do, or seek as our primary adult relationship. This primary partnership can be the source of constant wonder and support, the source of the most horrific pain and emotional turmoil… and everything in-between. (Even if you’re planning on going it solo or some other form). In a similar vein, we all have a family that starts biologically and evolves differently for everyone. While some of us couldn’t conceive life without our families, others want nothing to do with theirs (and still others have created hugely solid friend-families to envy). As a foundation, it pays to get how to make relationships not only work, but serve you in the best way.

  • Spiritual Practice: So, you’ve got your body fit and you’re mentally balanced… but what about the rest of you (aka the spirit)? Being connected to purpose and habitually taking time to reflect on life and all that it brings us are important elements in a solid spiritual foundation. 

  • Calling / Purpose: Each of us will spend an absolutely enormous amount of our waking time in pursuit of a profession, career, or some other label that is generally known as “work.” Whether this is a creative pursuit or one that has you toiling over figures and facts all day, each of us wants to be spending that time we truly care about and find valuable.

Live Free

The third theme is freedom and includes the foundations of:

  • Financial freedom: Retirement. FIRE movement. Living hand to mouth. Bankruptcy. We have so much language around the “financial” portion of our universe. As one of the key foundations, having a financial base that you can rely (or simply live) on provides us with a level of freedom – in almost all senses of the word – that few will experience. While wealth will absolutely NOT guarantee happiness, getting this foundation right transforms all other parts of your life and decisions you make.

  • Personal Growth: We’re never really “done” with The Project we call our lives. That is until we leave this world for the next… whatever that may be. One of the biggest mistakes that people make later in life is stopping. We’ve all heard the stories, the man who dies a month after retiring, the people who slowly wilt and fade away into oblivion, the ones who seem to stop enjoying life. This section is about finding that life long zest, that will and interest in discovering and exploring, cultivating an insatiable curiosity that will keep us intrigued and vital forever.

  • Quality of Life: This foundation can be tricky – what exactly IS “quality of life” anyway? The answer to this is different for everyone: some people thrive in an apartment in the city, others require massive amounts of open space in nature. Some want to work hard, others hardly work. The combinations are endless and, honestly, a source of stress and confusion for many. Figuring out WHAT you want from life, what makes you happy and what fulfills you is some of the most important work you can do.

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